Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts and Work and Play

Yesterday our thoughts were with the people of Christchurch - it was a year since the big earthquake - very difficult times. There are terrible disasters all around the world so it is often time to stop and ponder and be grateful for where we are at.

Last night we went to the ACO concert - absolutely fabulous as always. We were offered a voucher for 2 free drinks after the concert so there we all were - hundreds of us, lined up for our free drink. Ian had been worried they wouldn't serve him because he was wearing shorts but no-one even noticed. Even Janet Holmes a Court was wearing jandals (fancy ones for sure but still jandals).

Jacinta has sent me a trial slushie - Provence - what do you think?

Playing with the gelli plate and paints and a new stencil - Circle Explosion - on Evolon - that fabric is one of my favourites - it does take colour so well. And I do love the layering you can achieve with the gelli plate. Hanging in for some stitching next.


Robin Mac said...

Yummy colours there Dale. I love using disperse dyes on evolon - they look so vibrant. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful concert too. Cheers

Asha Jamwal said...

I love colors.This is awesome piece of art.Thanks for sharing this :)
Golden Stitch

Nicole Erfan said...

The colors in that slushie are incredible!!

Heather said...

The new Provence Slushie is gorgeous and I love your Gelli plate/stencil sample.
Tell Ian it's not what you wear but the way that you wear it!
Happy Stitching.

backpackingamerica said...

Very beautiful! Love the colors!

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