Thursday, February 09, 2012

it's thursday

and my naughty waterlily has decided to offer up another beautiful flower - maybe it likes Harley drinking all its water. She has learnt to actually stand on the rim of the container rather than stretch up to get her water.

I have loaded a new taster for anyone interested - using my all time favourites. But I have also been further inky pinky -ing so I have inks allover my hands - they are dye like and hard to get off.

Jacinta and I launched our Limited Editions and half have sold in a day - thanks so much - we are happy and will carry on - Jacinta has another lined up and I have one of my own all ready to go as soon as I get a moment. If you think about it, I could package, wind etc all day but I think I would rather work on the hop. Otherwise I would never get anything creative done in the studio and it is a bit of a mess so I am off to tidy things up - clear some space on my table so I can fill it up again.

Yesterday we booked our flights to Canada for May - Air NZ had 25% off sale which was wonderful. So we are all set for a long long flight from Perth to Auckland to Los Angeles to Vancouver and then a short flight to Victoria. The last little flight I had to do through a guy at a call centre in India because AIr Canada woudln't play ball.


Heather said...

Harley is probably encouraging your beautiful waterlily to flower! I love the subtle effects you got in the new taster and must try it for myself.
William Morris often had dyed hands so you're in good company. I always think that people with dye or paint stained hands lead a more interesting life!

Ann said...

So sorry to hear about Air Canada, but not surprised. We should have told you to take the ferry and have you picked up. I just received my supply list today and the scary part is I probably have everything I'll need! Looking forward to seeing you in May.


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