Saturday, February 04, 2012

saturday saturday

We have been enjoying watching the rugby sevens in Wellington today - NZ won. It's enjoyable to watch - the games are only 7 mins each half apart from the final and the crowd costumes are great as well.

I now have a new printer so tomorrow I shall be busy using it. Doing everything on the colour printer has felt rather frivolous I must say.

I have been playing with the sample of kunin felt I got at CHA - the top picture is how is comes - embossed - but makes a wonderful grid for stitching on. The bottom is stitched and zapped with the heat gun but you could also be very selective using the Creative Versa Tool. Comes in a few different colours but it will be a while until I receive it so I shall be frugal with my sample piece until then. We met our man who organised us the Versa Tools at CHA - it is really good to meet people in the flesh - makes it much more personable. He enjoys rugby too.

Sew Somerset arrived yesterday - I got a few in to test the waters and if it sells well then I will place a standing order. I am very impressed - lots of lovely stitchy things for your journals and such like. Below is a page from it. It's not on the web yet but should be tomorrow when the newsletter goes feral. I think it is around $22if anyone is eager - I have sold a couple already to people who have called in and I really didn't get very many.

The other thing that is very exciting is that the Gelli Plates are finally on their way. I started my negotiations in August and have been having loads of fun using my ones since then but I have kept them secret because i know lots of our customers will want them. I will start showing some of my playing very soon and they will be on the web the minute they arrive. They are fabulous for monoprinting on fabric and paper so I am really pleased that things are moving at last.

Tonight, Rod Stewart is performing at our stadium and we are having a bbq - we have kinda missed our style of food while we were away - not used to such huge serves. Too much for the eyes.....

I have catalogues spread out and lists getting underway so that some of the goodies we found will start rolling in before too long.


Heather said...

A great post full of interesting diversions to take me away from those things which I should be getting on with! The Gelli plates sound very interesting.
Enjoy your bbq - it's snowing here!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Some most intriqueing new goodies, must be nice to hear music in your garden.


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