Monday, February 06, 2012

inky pinky

 Why is it that cats prefer water from containers? Harley is having a super drink from one of my waterlilies - one I am pleased to say is about to blossom a flower - maybe tomorrow.

 Been spraying paper flowers with Starburst Sprays - the reddy one has a beautiful gold mica - all of these sprays have 2 tones - makes them super special

I have all these half done tasks in the studio - tissutex from the gelli plates about to be bonded to felt over foil and beady things being created. instead I decided to play with my inks - these are something coming so watch this space. It will be amazing for me because they are just inks - no mica.... I am using the Qantas club paper towels - even though I did not renew my membership I do still have quite a collection so should be okay for some time I reckon. I like the grid they have on them and super for stitching onto as well and mopping up.

 This bottom one is ink sprayed through a stencil - barely dry and then more ink sprayed over the top - no colour movement.

Oh well - other tasks tomorrow morning......


Heather said...

Harley obviously admires your water lily too - isn't she lovely? Our cat never drank from his bowl and preferred to drink from the pond or the bird bath.
Love the inky/spray things and the roses. Sounds like fun.

Margaret Ball said...

Love the paper towels! Is there some special secret that makes the Quantas ones superior? I just use ordinary kitchen ones to mop up leftover dyes.

And our cat too loves to drink from containers - but not just any container; it has to be the one I am trying to drink from right now. I keep telling him that he won't like coffee, but that makes no impression.

Robin Mac said...

Our dog likes to drink from the water trays under flower pots if he gets a chance too, also the bird bath. Do they just want to be contrary? I love those Qantas towels, but rarely see them any more, still collecting the little spoons however. Cheeers


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