Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Salvador Dali

One day we caught the train to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dali museum - wow! This was outside but the museum was amazing as only Dali can be. Full of people with smiles on their faces as we climbed up stairs and down stairs and wound our way through this enormous collection of work.
From outside.  
I personally really liked his drawings near the entrance - they reminded me a little of Lewis Carrol but of course - more bizarre. There was so much to see and it was well worth the visit. 
Along  the streets there was a hotel with interesting cows on the balconies. This town really only exists for the Dali methinks
We have been eating at some interesting restaurants - not the touristy ones but the host of this air bnb left cards for quite a few and we have worked our way through. Most of them you wouldn't know were even there - this one was up a little cobbled street and in the daytime when the doors are shut and the gate closed you would not even know there was a restaurant behind the door. We are drinking Catalin wines of course and mostly reds - interesting bottle this one was. The food we were told was outstanding in this region but I wouldn't really say that - have not been knocked off our feet - and mostly all the same. But nothing bad.
Ian- who hates anchovies - has had to eat at least three of these offerings - they bring out extras which is really very nice and he has to eat them. Actually the anchovies have been okay but in general the food is very salty - obviously we have abandoned a lot fo salt in our cooking or we wouldn't have noticed.
My little holiday stitching of woven and stitched is now ready for toppings.
This is our apartment from the courtyard below - we have the top two floors - that terrace at the top is where we sit outside for coffee - breakfast and drinks at night - wonderful view - just have to make it up the windy internal staircase.... The pole you can see on the ground holds streetlights
All outings on foot require up many cobbled steps and down many cobbled steps - this is at the top of the steps looking down at a restaurant we went to the other night only no rain and people sitting outside.
Ian encouraging me to get climbing - this set of steps went up and up and up and eventually came down t a little shop where I bought a couple of bowls having been reminded how much stock is waiting heavily in the third suitcase back in London.
And another wonderful gate at the front of the theatre (the back of the theatre is in front of our house) - maybe we could incorporate this idea in our Secret Doors and Opening workshop in Adelaide in January - i shall work on the idea.  

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Heather said...

More fascinating things to enjoy. Love those old streets and alleyways, not so sure about the steps but they look so picturesque. I love anchovies and they go so well with tomatoes - I would help Ian eat his!
Love your stitchy piece and look forward to seeing what goes on top.


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