Sunday, October 09, 2016

London more

Friday we had to rise early to go collect stock from a supplier - trains always take longer than you imagine but then we trained back to town, A trip to the Borough Market -busy as but o so good  
We couldn't resist the turkish delight
This stand has wonderful fresh turkish delight and pastries. Always too much for the eyes.  
Came across the most delightful fresh raspberries from Kent - 2pound 50 p is a mega site better than $10 and up to $14 a punned and they were sweet and fresh and full of flavour. i love raspberries but they are often lacking in flavour so this was a treat.   We ate at FISH - great cod and chips but they could keep their mushy peas. We wandered around and wore our feet out some more. There were so many people around. Hate to be here in summer. At night we met up with Annette and Terry at Roti Chai for a good night out. We have been there a few times now in Portman Mews - it's a very good restaurant. And then we slept very well for the second night running.
We have had quite a few deliveries to our hotel - in fact out empty suitcase is now running at around 30kilos which will need to be sorted when we get back from Spain. Lots of books and zigzag books and stacks of paper. 

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Heather said...

I haven't been to London for over 30 years and my feet wouldn't cope with it now, but I'd love to be able to shop at that market if only for raspberries at that price! I'd fill the freezer with them.


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