Sunday, October 16, 2016


Now are in Girona - we have a great air bnb with a fabulous view from the terrace - we are staying in the old walled part of town - very central - it's a very well preserved place - cobbled stones - no rubbish anywhere etc etc
Here is Ian on the first morning walking down to get milk for his coffee. We have had a heap of rain mostly whenever we decide to step out. 
the houses - quite famous - from one of the bridges - the water is a bit muddy I expect from the rain  
We have enjoyed great meals since we have been here - this was one we visited in the heavy rain so we didn't wear outside   
A very interesting restaurant - with a distinct 40s of 50s look to it but they were friendly - the food was fine but not many people the night we went - our little umbrellas bought in Portugal some years back for 1 euro struggled to keep us dry.  
The menu was in Catalan - even harder for us than Spanish - these are the pizzas - pernil is ham - we didn't have a pizza though
We had started our walk along the medieval wall that night but it rained somewhat so we abandoned and started again next day - lots of climbing steps to get up to it - not liked by someone who has never liked steps but she got there and back
Another view from our terrace
And another
chasing Ian to get back up om that wall - most of the streets are like this - it's very well preserved. Fortunately the rain stopped for us this time.    


Penny said...

It all looks lovely.Sad about the rain but it's doing that here too.

Heather said...

We have rain here too. Your photos have captured the essence of the place - I always love to see the old parts of a town or city and those wonderful steps look straight out of a film set. Hope the weather perks up for you.


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