Sunday, October 16, 2016

Girona some more

Girona is a medieval walled city of around 90,000 and we are lucky to be staying inside the walled area. this is a view from up on the wall looking to the Pyrenees 
Another view from the wall - they tell us that they had hardly any rain over summer and the rain we have had has been that sort where the black clouds roll over and down she comes - but it is sunny again and quite lovely.  I think it would be horrendous in August somehow. Plus it is a cycling city - apparently Lance Armstrong used to be based here. You can't escape cyclists these days.
Yes - I did climb up these steps and many more and of course if you go up you have to come down again...
My favourite citing on the walk
And along the way we looked down at the gardens - so tranquil -   
We visited the cathedral which has the widest nave in Europe - I think it said- and the oldest known tapestry- well worth a visit
Coming down the steps I spotted another inserting door and frame - reminded me a little of Orvieto
We have been eating at some interesting places - our host left us a few cards and most you wouldn't find on your own. In fact some closed up during the day you wouldn't even know were there. This one is a heathy place - La Vedette or similar - and this was pea soup with bacon on top - we got there at 3pm and it was empty but filling up when we left - and that was for lunch. We also had the most interesting crepes.
A cover near our 'house'


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place to be. Now waht I want to know is WHY didn't you take ME with you? :-)

Heather said...

Yet another beautiful and fascinating place. I don't need to travel, I just read the most interesting blogs and enjoy their wonderful photographs!


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