Thursday, October 13, 2016


We came to Barcelona on the train from London via Paris - got there in time this year after last year's trauma! Bought 1st class tickets which were only slightly dearer than normal so sat upstairs in a little more spacious comfort. Got to Barcelona quite late and stayed 2 nights at a hotel just by the station. Very easy to get around on the underground. This is my first photo of Les Ramblas as everyone else would take!  
And here is another - we walked from the top to about half way and then went to the markets. Gathering more people as we went  
Here is the Barcelona TNT man - his house was packed with parcels and a spare on the top - he locked it very carefully as he took one out - we have been warned by absolutely everyone about watching for pickpockets so I guess the same goes for him. 
Since I am doing the 100 days project and my topic is circles, I am always on the lookout - this was part of a display as we walked along - a network in a circle
Obviously the flower of the time is the flower cacti - they were everywhere and in little pots for you to buy - I just photograph them. The colours were divine
We visited the market and loved wandering around looking at the food and the eating places - very busy of course - there were markets devoted to oval - as a lover of tripe who rarely eats it I enjoyed all the varieties - Ian was not so pleased After I photographed it I read a sign saying no photos - too late - but I am not sure why
After loads of wandering we finally found a place to stand in a queue for about 15 minutes for a spot to eat.
And we sat and enjoyed it all - squid - meatballs - zucchini frittata- grilled vegetables (must try these like this at home on our weber) and no room for scallops - and a wine or two to wash it down. Great experience 
There were big dishes of fish on the ledge above us and they selected to cook - these were razor clams - I think - the fish that came were already gutted - food was coming thick and fast from the fish stalls nearby. It was very busy and fresh as.
Many sweets stands of course and the colours look so great
We selected a frog each 
It was the colours that got you
Oh the Gaudi - too much and so fabulous
Everything was so wonderful and of course the book I bought has far better photos then i can take but I loved the shapes of the doors - my workshop in Adeliade in January is titled Old Doors and Openings and the shapes on the door got my brain into action. more than just the doors, I love the opportunity of what is on the other side - or what you can see through to. I think the numbers for that workshop are creeping up - I am really looking forward to it and my other one - Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees - creating a network and adding many different leaves using different techniques.
The doors to the apartments are absolutely beautiful but look at this - and how to create in textile art.
Here is the whole door
And of course - up on the roof - and now I shall devour my book of photos - it was so wonderful to go see it all in the flesh Now we have gone to Girona on the train for more adventures


Heather said...

What a fantastic place - I love Gaudi's work, and the markets are so colourful.

Trace Willans said...

Every one is in Spain at the moment, Casa Batllo was my favourite Gaudi


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