Sunday, December 01, 2013

Lovely relaxing wedding anni day

We had a lazy relaxing day yesterday - just as well after I managed a re run of tripping down steps on the way back from dinner the night before and felled the ankle and crashed a knee. Message to self - concentrate on the activities in hand and keep the brain for flat land.

We went for a walk around to the opera house - loads of people around beautiful day for being out

The iconic view

Even asked someone to take our photo - this is an exception for me. Fortunately you can't see us very well

A little piccie in the park

Hannah has several pairs of lovely red shoes which I have been photographing so I can add them to my red shoe work when I get to it. In my dreams I will wear these ones.

Last night we all went for our anni dinner at A Tavola - wonderful meal - wonderful company. And I managed to walk back and down all stairs safely. The really funny thing was that in front of our eyes a guy tripped over the kerb and crashed into Ian and hurt his knee. Made me feel better.



Robin Mac said...

I'm glad you had a great day despite the fall - isn't it good to know someone else can be as foolish as you! Just as well you weren't wearing those red shoes. Cheers

Amanda said...

Happy Anni both!!!! Do stop fooling around practising those dance steps! I have one pair of red shoes and it's the only pair I have ever owned and ever likely to own, but I do like them.

Heather said...

I have some red shoes but sadly they don't look anything like the ones in your photo! Hope the knee and ankle aren't too painful and glad they didn't spoil your celebrations.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary Dale. I hope your knee and ankle are more comfortable today.


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