Monday, December 23, 2013

Ho ho ho and off we go

 For the first time ever, we are closed from today until 30th - hanging up our working boots and off to Broome for lots of r and r - swim, read, air con, stitch, create and all of those things. Ian is planning basically nothing - he has been working non stop all weekend on the emag  and is planning 6 days of not looking at a computer screen at all. I have collected the meat for Christmas Day and apart from knowing we have to get up bright and early tomorrow to do the shopping before there is nothing left for us to buy, we will be as lazy as possible. Having said that I am not so very good at the relaxing and doing nothing stuff but what is new... I actually have so much stuff there is no room in my suitcase for clothes.

 Hope to play with the screens I made and carve up a few stamps
 Here is Issue 3 of the e-mag - Stitchy Stitchy - all sent out last night

and perhaps some lovely frangipanis as well - and limes and fish and garlic and chillie - all good stuff.


Gina said...

Have a lovely holiday Dale. A bit of r and r sounds good!

Amanda said...

Have a great Christmas break!!

Ineke said...


Penny said...

Have a great Christmas and hope there are no cyclones around. I confess to not doing much here on KI even though I brought lots to do. Stitchy stitchy I downloaded yesterday but friends in for drinks so didnt have a good look at it looks interesting though,
Cheers to you both.

fibrefriend said...

Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and a great 2014. Have a great holiday!


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