Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Broome

Don't you just love the Christmas boab tree?

So we photographed it from the other side. It's like you might expect in a Broome - hot - humid - but air con - fans - make for solid night's sleep - must have been tired - slept from 10 to nearly 7
First night we ate at Little India - lovely food - just as well - they are closed now until the end of February

The beautiful frangipanis are out in full bloom everywhere. Promise of rain and lightning but alas not yet - we had prawns and fish on the BBQ last night

And just how wonderful it is to hop in and out of the pool

Have a great day everyone


Heather said...

Love the tree and frangipanis, and the pool looks very inviting. Have a lovely restful time and Happy New Year when it gets here.

Robin Mac said...

So glad you are enjoying youselves and relaxing and obviously had a lovely Christmas Day. Cheers


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