Sunday, December 15, 2013

mostly foodie and a wee bit more

Lots of people have been asking how Harley is - well she is very well. We have had her for nearly two years now and she has certainly made this a happy home. She has so many exciting places in which to sleep and loves being outside with us in the evenings. She is also, unlike me, in her element now that summer has arrived. One of her favourite spots during the day is a box inside a box under my desk in Ian's office. She snores to remind us where she is and sleeps with a paw stretched out. She likes having that paw stretched out and here she is in the kitchen in the morning reminding us that her breakfast is of paramount importance. Still chats all the time and now weighs 8.2kilos. Tut tut - no Christmas cake for Harley.

Everyone knows we are foodies - of everything I think I do love Indian style food best. The other night we had marinaded in spices and yoghurt and honey mix lamb backstrap on the bbq -

with Aloo Dum - this recipe is from Rick Stein's Indian cookbook which I bought in Padstow. Silly really I could have bought it from Book Depository and saved carting it back in my backpack but it was appropriate to buy it there in a fabulous cook stuff shop. His Indian cooking show is on tv here at present and I must say his favourite curry - the fish on - is just that. I must have 100s of Indian style cook books but I do love reading them and cooking treats from them.

I have just bought these two fabulous books from Vicky Bhogal - both out of print but full of good homestyle Indian food. Lots of pleasure ahead. She does have recipes on her website where I looked first.

For this time of the year we have had loads of deliveries. So many magazines this past week or so - I think they are all here now. Plus a pile of Joggles stencils arrived. I love these particular stencils - they are very well presented and have super information on the back - and the couple I have played with work very well. This is starflower - I can see lots of happenings with this one. In the new year we will have a few more. Great little find. Have a look at what we got here -

I have also added a brand new Limited Edition to the page on the blog - - Blackberry - Jacinta has dyed a very limited number of fibres and silk threads in this special colour so do check it out - they have been whizzing away since I put them up. once gone - no more. We do plan this as something special and almost unique (almost in that there are several of each) from time to time - once they have gone, that will be that.

Issue 3 of threads.In-fusion will be out this week - I am still madly stitching and Ian is madly editing and doing his publishing things. I think my job is easier really.

I have been a little obsessed with fly stitch but having heaps of fun.

Don't forget to check out my things to sell page on the blog as well - I have a fabulous set of Deka Silk  paints - I notice that they are selling for around $7-$8 new - I have hardly used them -

this coming week - Monday to Friday - I will be having a supa sale deal and a give away offer on facebook each day but if you don't visit facebook - not everyone does - then you can check the page at the top of the blog becasue I don't want people to miss out - you don't have to just be a facebook fan to be a wonderful customer of ours.

Back to work - this will be a busy week before we hang up our work clothes next Monday. Tomorrow is the last posting of the Christmas Hampers
I have really enjoyed putting these together - I know quite a few people have treated themselves and why not - a big bag full of goodies is not a bad idea.


Heather said...

Harley looks very contented. I hate to say this but her shape reminds me of a little stray we took in, who then presented us with three kittens! I'm looking forward to Infusion 3 - your samples are gorgeous. I'm hoping for time after Christmas to do a bit of stitchy play myself.

Amanda said...

Oh you really need to put Harley on a diet!!! She really did land on her paws with you didn't she!! lol Love Indian too but I don't think I can eat it anymore with my tummy troubles. :( And you most certainly should have bought that book in Padstow!


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