Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oh no - nearly over

We have had a lovely restful stay in Broome and sadly all good things come to an end

Eaten lots of yummy prawns

Cooked on this wonderful piece of equipment which Ian is in love with - we didn't buy each other any presents but I think this will be it. Not worth fussing in the Boxing Day sales though for $8 off!

Our little bit of Christmas along with two crackers -

And our Christmas roast - beef fillet which we nearly left at home in the fridge

I brought stuff of course and have only done a little but imagine if I hadn't - been doing lots or reading and lots of swimming
This is my felty piece all laid out

And finished - it was a near disaster as I had to rescue it from face down in the water so was heading for a swim with me

Love the boab trees

And in the garden at the back of our villa

And looking into our dining room from same garden - we try to get this one because it the best villa we think

Loads of frangipani flowers out everywhere

My frangipani leaf

Windy today because of the cyclone but still hardly a drop of the tropical rain we keep hearing about and it is actually cooler today but that may be because the fan is on full outside.

Location:Murray Road,Cable Beach,Australia


Heather said...

Your Christmas break sounds and looks beautiful. Very glam crackers and what a good thing you remembered the steak! We had lovely prawny things at our Boxing Day supper. Hope you have a good journey home and feel refreshed. The boab trees are such an unusual shape.

Penny said...

Sounds as if you may be going home at the right moment. Sounds like a lovely time.

Robin Mac said...

I think you have chosen to go home at the right time, how lovely that you have had such a lovely peaceful time.


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