Sunday, July 07, 2013

It's Sunday once again

Today we went for a wander into Perth to check out some if the new developments - quite spectacular they are - all these new restaurants linking parts to other parts. Nothing open on a Sunday though.

All beyond an old church but gee Perth has grown in the time we have been here

The contrast between the old and the new

Central Park
We have had a rugby feat this weekend - Hurricanes Highlanders game was a try fest. Then the Lions vs Wallabies was a bit of a total whitewash. Nuff said but I think it will be goodbye Robbie.

I have been playing with the Studio 490 embossing paste - it's great. I worked it through a stencil

Here's a close up and I sprayed Gossamer Gold Moonshadow Mist over the top. Very pleased with the result.
Today I got the next of our clubs underway - the Stitchy Stitchy Club - great response already - thank you all
Now to watch the tennis final
- posted by Dale


Heather said...

That dear little church looks swamped by the modern building behind it. We were very happy with the rugby result and it took my husband's mind off his tooth abcess for a while!
Love the embossing paste sample.

floozina said...

I was born in Perth but that was many long moons ago and I simply don't recognise it any more. But can you please tell me which church is in the photograph? From my somewhat dim memories, it looks like the one where both my mother and her sister were married, and my brother and I were christened. But then again I could be dreaming ...


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