Sunday, September 04, 2011

Welcome to September

Nearly forgot to say hello to my September cat. Took me a while to find him actually - he had got himself very hidden in behind December.

This is Lake Rotoiti - doesn't it look beautiful - you can see the snow capped mountains. The mountain on the right is Mount Robert - we drove up as far as we could and took a walk for a wonderful view of the surrounding hills and valleys and the Buller River.

The Buller River but further up the road - more snow capped mountains - we also went for a drive up the valley where the Rainbow Ski Fields are - you cannot go up without chains but it was 4pm and like Friday night traffic with so many 4 wheel drives going the other way.

Beautiful Lake Rotoiti looking very mysteriouso.

If you are up for a bargain, don't forget to pop over to the Thread Studio facebook page to take advantage of our 24hour give or take a few offer which finishes at midnight tonight Perth time.


WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi Dale,
I see you came back from their holidays, I see beautiful pictures, hot linking of rivers, beautiful, nature jet beauty, I also love nature.
I also I was with the children two weeks in my home country of Poland, there are also beautiful mountains, there are several names, the highest are the Tatry Mountains, Poland is also beautiful corners of the world, I salute you wish you nice day.

Heather said...

Such beautiful scenery Dale - your photos are wonderful. Love the cat calendar.


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