Thursday, September 15, 2011

spring ra(i)n away

After a very still warm night having our bbq, it rained over night and off and on today so spring has run away for a bit but who cares - long summer coming and the plants are happy. Got my article finished and my creative brain done (albeit a day late) got over awed to see how many people liked The Thread Studio facebook page so now we are over 800 and heading slowly to 900. two parcels off to - I hope - happy homes.

 Another picture of Lake Rotoiti for you to enjoy- snow on the tops and the lake is a beautiful blue

Fantastic lichen - ready for the dyepot but sadly not able to come home with us
Wonderful texture of fungi
We are still enjoying the rugby - the ABs play tomorrow against the Cherry bLossoms - wonder who Kazuko will be going for??  The ABs got cup cakes after training today.

Ian has just told me that the stuff for Ally Pally has to go next Thursday after lunch - that means I have a lot to do - so far I have packed sari fabric scraps and silk loom waste......


Heather said...

A bit of rain is better than a drought. Lovely photos as usual - I love the lichens and fungi. Hope you manage to fit your rugby viewing in with the packing!

Ali Honey said...

Great photos Dale ( or Ian ) . I was surprised when you said yesterday you had taken stones home.

We are really impressed with how some of the less rugby playing nations have progressed. It makes it much more interesting. Have you noticed how they all want their jerseys to look black if they can't wear their own colours.

I have to say the black icing or is it meringue looks a little strange.
Happy viewing and packing.


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