Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring has sprung

Well it has at Chez Rollerson. And we are having our first bbq for quite some time - primitive aren't we? Our little hibachi can feed a crowd and that chair it sits on has been there for 20 years and still not collapsed. We are going to cook spring lamb tonight - I went to the butcher for something, not sure what, and the butcher told me this was something Ian loves so I bought it! Plus some bbqed red peppers, a rocket and pear salad and potatoes.

And champagne to test the 6 crystal champagne glasses I found today in one of those fossick shops - they match the crystal we have from Ian's mum and dad so Grant and Bruce - some more crystal to add to your heirloom family stuff to fight about one day..... These are all the fashion again now and are actually great to drink champagne out of. I went looking for the flutes as we only have 4 and we saw 4 there one day but they had gone.

Our lovely new door mat which is surely spring inspired and goes with our leadlight door and an inspiration for the new theme I am working towards thinking about.
The first bottlebrushes in our front garden.

I have been to the nursery and worked in the garden - love my collection of stones - some I brought back from Okarito last year.

My herbs are coming along nicely and this year we will see how we go with tomatoes once again. The lime and lemon trees are full of flowers and seemingly fruit but they may not linger - fingers crossed.

We watched parts of three rugby games today - the standard of the so-called minions is good and we are enjoying some exciting rugby. This is what I should have been doing - I will have to get up early and get cracking in the morning or Michelle will be very cross with me (wonder if she reads my blog?)

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Heather said...

Your bbq dinner sounds delicious and your garden is looking lovely. I like your little 'stone haven'. I think that doormat is too good to have feet wiped on it! Enjoy the champagne but go easy or you won't be able to get up early!

Doreen G said...

Ahhh that barbie sight brings back fond memories of wonderful food and great company.

Judy said...


So lovely spring has arrived!


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