Wednesday, September 28, 2011

moving onto Wednesday

This is the new fabric I have been on about. I haven't done very much with it other than colour it with Starburst Sprays which it seems to love. Three weights and I have used three colours. It is like Lutradur but not as fibrousy and much more fabric like so heaps of possibilities. I will have it for sale when we get back from London. It also takes acid dyes and transprint inks so heaps of possibilities for colour as well. You can print on the heavier one so the idea of layering appeals. Watch this space.

I am running a hands-on workshop in my studio on 12th November if anyone is interested . Demystifying the Distressables I am calling it. The information is at the top of the blog under workshops.Took me ages to work out how to set that up so do check it out. I am only taking 6 people. Email me for more information if what I have written is not enough.

Must say it is lovely and peaceful without the neighbours next door upstairs and their dog - hope they are not driving their next lot of neighbours nuts.

We are still enjoying the rugby by the way and I will have another giveaway for the last pool game - the ABs and Canada.


Heather said...

That new fabric sounds interesting and very versatile. Your workshop sounds great too. Enjoy the peace and quiet - hope you don't get a trumpet player moving in next door!!

Lexa said...

Wow, the threads just arrived today and I'm blown over by your generosity!!! Can't wait to try the metallics. Now how do I cheer when the AB's play Canada? Guess I'll go for both. Thank you again.

Ursula Clamer said...

Well done on working out how to do it! Love the sound of the workshop, sounds as though it will be heaps of fun, wish I lived closer.


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