Wednesday, September 07, 2011

stones and stuff

I have been playing with inks and bleach these past couple of days and if you remember the stone rubbing I did on a piece of Tissutex which has been dyed black - well I decided to bleach it but it took it back to white - bit boring - so I sprayed it with Long John Silver moonshadow Mist - the walnut ink in it shows quite well.

I rather like the reverse said as well. One thing I discovered - the bleach bottle I got out of the cupboard had no smell and did nothing - had a close look and discovered the date was 2003 - obviously that was the last time I did bleaching stuff - easily fixed though with a trip to the supermarket. A word of warning with bleach - always work with ventilation.

I also did a rubbing on a black paper napkin - remember I collected quite a few in NZ - and then I bleached that - I like this effect very much.

We have finally sent out the newsletter - just a wee tad late and apart from the few people who can't open theirs - for some reason the link vanishes for some people - I have managed not to stuff it up this time.

Here is St Arnaud Lodge where we went for our morning coffee so that I could
check the emails and read the news.

and some more of those lovely mountains overlooking Lake Rotoiti


Heather said...

The bleached napkin sample is wonderful Dale. I thought I was the only one with long past 'best before' dates!!
Love the look of the Lodge and it's location. It seemed so remote yet civilized enough to let you check your emails! Amazing scenery.

Jacky said...

Wow Dale, it is a magical country isn't it, truly beautiful


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