Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ABC Top 100 Concertos

We have been enjoying the wonderful music on FM Classic this week. Usually in the afternoons when the nosiy orchestral stuff starts up, Ian throws a tantrum and on goes the cds. But we have been indulging in listening to wonderful concertos as much as we can. Tonight, because we have been so busy today, we decided to have fish and chips and settle down for the last countdown. The last 5 were live although we only heard 1 movement from 5, 4, 3, and 2 which seems silly, especially as one was the Bruch Violin. The no 1 was the Emperor Concerto - I have lots of favourites but my very favourite is Shostakovich Piano Concerto no 2 which I did hear earlier on in the week. Our heads are full of wonderful music. In 2008 they will be running the top 100 chamber music. Look forward to it.

All of the parcels which arrived while we were away turned up today - well, Ian to go and get them as they didn't turn up. Included was the spiral stitcher which I swapped a flower stitcher for from Hilary. I am hoping to get to play with it over the weekend. Lynda (Purple Missus) had a pic of one on her blog earlier in the month.

Back to the rugby - the Super 14 teams were announced today and the Hurricanes look good. Games start in February.....

So no pics of holiday yet.... tomorrow!

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