Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Packing for London

Nothing as exciting as a creative picture or even a boring picture today. I have been packing the boxes for London. It looks like an easy job but in fact I have to think and count and refer back to last year and look at what I have found etc etc. I have sort of finished now and the boxes will go off early tomorrow but I still have a lot of things to wind and package - as usual I am behind but also I have just found new things. Pauline asked what was I bringing - well threads and fibres and stuff - all the lovely bright colours we have (and a few pastels) - a beautiful silk lap dyed by Jacinta in Indian Splendour which I will use for display. It doesn't matter how many baskets we bring it is never enough - we run on Murphy's Law.

Talking of Murphy, Argentina beat Ireland in the rugby and the All Blacks play France in the quater final in Cardiff on Sunday morning. Being a worry wart I won't be rested until the game is over but Bruce is far more confident. I emailed the Riad in Marrakesh where we are staying this year after the show to confirm and Brigitte who I 'talk' to watches the rugby too.

I will have our lovely new Embellisher bundles - fine merino wool which make a good base or layer for the embellisher. I meant to take a pic but they are all sealed up. I also found some wonderful long silk ends in pastel colours which will be great for dyeing. SO all those coming to Ally Pally - see you there.

As a reward we are off to GoGos I think, for dinner. Tomorrow I am anxious to get into the studio because I have some things I simply must get to try.

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