Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a bit more of nothingness

Meant to say yesterday how lovely it was to meet up with Lynda Monk at Ally Pally - you can even see a pic of Maggie and me on her blog and on Maggie's blog. And it was also great to meet Susan Lenz.

Having finally made our way to the station to leave our bags and get out tickets for Luton, we are off to enjoy the rest of the day.

Th shower dripping saga has stayed with us to the bitter end - it is nice to make a mark where-ever you go....... What can we do in Marrakesh, Penny? Who knows.....


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

What fun you are having, hope Marrakesh tops it off for you both.


Sue Krekorian said...

How long are you in Marrakesh, Dale? We arrive on Monday, Riad Opera Dar Katib, 1, Derb Bouceta Sghir, Medina. Will we meet in the Musee de Marrakesh or bump into each other in Jamaa el Fna? Now that would be a meet! Have fun, enjoy, have a well deserved rest. Still waiting to be challenged, Sue

Susan Lenz said...

It was just so lovely to meet both you and Ian at "Ally Pally". I found the exhibitions to be beyond my wildest dreams and the shopping to exhaust my tired credit card. I have already torn into the dyed scrim and have found myself wondering about the other colors of metallic knitting yarn that I might have passed up! Again, I find your blog wonderful for so many of which is the fact that you include ALL your passions, including sports and family, landscaping and travel. Thanks so much for sharing and for mentioning me on your blog. It is a thrill.


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