Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trip to NZ part 3

Lots of lovely bush - flax and more

Being brought up in Foxton, it reminded me of home

And more - all out in flower

And even some more

Loved the daisies too

We stopped for a cup of coffee at somewhere or another

We visited a few other good restaurants as well including Eggcentric (wonderful fish) but on our way back to Auckland changed our plans so we could pop into the Mussel Kitchen once more. Ian had the mussel chowder

And I had the battered mussels

Then I chanced upon a flower which fell at my feet when we were checking out the kauri trees on Road 309. Isn't it beautiful?

I left it carefully placed.

Let's finish with a back to London - no Ian didn't give these to me - he photographed them instead

And we found on our wanderings in Canary Wharf, a piano but not in the same condition as the ones in French train stations - such a fabulous idea

1 comment:

Tawa said...

It's been a great year for the flax this summer, lots of flowers. Must be something to do with our awful spring weather. Did you know Foxton apparently has a quilt shop now?
Glad you enjoyed your trip back to NZ. Safe travels back to Perth again.


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