Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip to Padstow

Yesterday we went to Padstow and enjoyed the beaches north of Newquay as we drove up the coast - of course stopped to photograph Prideaux Place - ancestors and all that.

Prideaux Place is closed for the season so we couldn't go inside but the gates were open and we just drove inside, hopped out and took a few photos - that's the home of my 27th great grandfather and I am enjoying the ancestor explorations

See - they sit outside too!

We really loved Padstow - not at all like I thought - I imagined a beach not a working port.

We had fish n chips for lunch and watched a German film crew failing to film a scene outside because it was very windy and then it rained so they packed up in the end. Heard that they may have been filming one of the Rosamund Pilcher books which are usually almost all filmed at Prideaux Place and very very popular in Germany

Here is the port

And a cobblestone path in town - I would simply hate to be in any of these places in August - that's why we love this time of the year - it was more than busy enough

And since we were parked opposite it - Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

Last night we went to the Seagrill Restaurant and had - guess what - Megrim Sole - very yummy indeed. Loving the fish - it is so very expensive in Perth and we can have beautiful steaks on our BBQ anytime

Shirley asked where the clotted cream and scones were? Well I don't like cream and I don't fuss about scones (and I need to eat neither ) but this is our breakfast each morning - yoghurt and fresh raspberries - nice to pay £2 a punnet rather than $12
Thanks for all the comments and emails - glad you are enjoying our time here in Cornwall. More tomorrow


Heather said...

They'd have invited you in for tea or coffee at Prideaux Place, I'm sure! How exciting to have such an illustrious ancestor. Padstow looks delightful as does your breakfast.

osmosis designs said...

I highly recommend visiting the Eden Project while you are in Cornwall. It's not cheap to get in, but it's fascinating. You need a whole day there to see it all.

lisa_crofts said...

Love how cheap fruit is in England.


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