Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last day in Cornwall

Overnight there was loads of rain but it cleared up for us to walk the coastal path around to St Ives. I just loved the beach at Carbis Bay

We had a hail storm rain down on us - just as well we had our $2 umbrellas we bought in Portugal some years back

When we got to Porthminster Beach we were just in time for breakfast - banana pancakes and coffee

Great venue looking out to the beach and bay

Porthminster Cafe

Look at those kiwi plants - we have also seen bracken and boxthorn and other nasties and loads of lilac bushes and other plants from our childhood

Looking across to St Ives - isn't it wonderful

And the other way

And the gardens. We took the train back to Carbis Bay.

Then we set off for our last day's exploring up to St Blazey where we found Prideaux

and Prideaux House - not totally 100% on my facts but pretty sure this was where Paganus Prideaux built Prideaux Castle.

This is Prideaux House owned by race horse people. Huge ground with a race track

From the back of the property a wonderful view of the sea

Nice gates

We drove all around and finally snuck in to the old manor and hopefully these look like ruins

I have decided they might be. Anyway pretty exciting to be on the track of ancestor with more reading info to keep me busy

After all that excitement we drove to Mevagissey - another wonderful spot - and before that over some interesting terrain - well everywhere has been interesting

From up the hill

Very interesting harbour - a double harbour.

Then it was time to drive back but not before we whizzed down more little back roads including a trip in Veryan with the round houses.

For our last night in St Ives we went to the Portminster Cafe for the best meal we have had. Shared Fowey mussels in a wonderful sauce

Ian had crab linguine with mussels - he said it was delicious

And I had the monk fish curry - really fab. We would recommend this place to anyone - bought the cookbook so we will be able to try the recipes at home. The end to a lovely week and now back to London for a couple of nights before we fly home.

We thought we covered lots of ground and saw plenty of things but no doubt you will tell me of all the things we missed - can never see it all though !


Wendy said...

We will be in mevagissy at the weekend, I hope the weather is as kind. Ancestor hunting is a fabulous pastime, yours come from a rather more picturesque place than mine ;) I am glad you had a good holiday, where will you go next year?

Heather said...

You've covered a lot of ground in a week and I am sorry 'my' holiday is at an end - thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and experiences.
What a splendid name Paganus Prideaux is - he must have been a special character with a name like that. Hope you find out lots about him.

Gill said...

Cornwall is just a great place - I have just returned after 4 weeks in Mawnan Smith; I also visited St Keverne as I did the Coverack-St-Keverne-Porthousestock walk. I just love the little villages. My family have lived there for the past 30 years so from Tassie to Cornwall is a loooong trip!!!!


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