Saturday, October 19, 2013

More excitement

Passed this yesterday on our travels - wouldn't mind having this for our letterbox at home

Cape Cornwall - loved it

Three little boats at Cape Cornwall

The sea

At Cape Cornwall too

Then we took a cross country trip to Mousehole - we are getting good at cross country trips although this one wasn't muddy like yesterday's one - Wind in the Willows stuff - Ian just needs giggles and leather gloves

Parked at Mousehole - interesting town

Like a little secret

Love the pots - look at all the texture for some great Stitchy stuff

And the boats all tied up

Last night we went to Albi Restaurant - this was our shared mussel starter - nice and little and sweet

Ian had a pork main which he said was lovely

I am still enjoying the fish - this is Plaice Normandie - a stack of fish fillets - yum
ps if the pics end up on their side (!) - click on them - they seem to be okay then.


Heather said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your holiday and the food looks great too. Love those lobster pots.

Jackie said...

its great to see 'our country' through your eyes, although I haven't been to Cape Cornwall or Mousehole. Port Isaac is nice too. I've been there! Its a pity you aren't travelling North as well. Have fun.


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