Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lovely day out

Today we went to Fowey - I have always wanted to go visit - smugglers and all that not to mention the ancestors

Long walk down from the car park and - you guessed it - long walk back up again but I survived amazingly

Lovely sheltered harbour - lots of yachts - pretty sure Grant may have sailed here? Some stage

We had lunch here - fish again - given the price of fish in a Perth I am on a fishy week

Looking further out with the sun shining but the sort of weather you might think smugglers would operate in.

Some more harbour because I love the water

And yes - looks like NZ toi toi and I also saw cabbage trees and flax - I thought they were native to NZ but it looks like they may all have been taken to NZ

Looking out to sea and a yacht on the horizon - it was very windy around and about but sheltered in Fowey. Isn't this the life to die for?

And here's the cabbage trees - made us feel very much at home.
Fabulous spot - so glad we went. I read about the Prideaux in a book in the bookshop while we were there - some of the ancestors.

And here is the flax!

Still more Fowey inlet

We came back on the King Harry Ferry

Last night we went to The Black Rock in St Ives - wonderful food - we had mussels to share for starters and this is crab gnocchi

Then we finished with a late picked something or other.
More to see tomorrow - thanks for all the suggestions - we are working on everything!

Location:Carbis Bay - Cornwall


Penny said...

We went to Fowey, great place.
All those NZ plants ARE NZ, they were all brought to the UK as garden plants and do very well in Cornwell.
Feel pleased.
We searched for John's Cornish ancestors had a lovely time in churchyards and did find a family farm but no one home.

Mystic Quilter said...

More lovely shots Dale - such a pleasure to see them and Fowey is a beautiful little place, doesn't look to have changed much in 50 years!

Heather said...

It's a long time since I went to Fowey - lovely to see it again through your photos. You'll get plenty of exercise exploring those Cornish towns and resorts. Glad you are having a good time - the seafood is wonderful.

Gina said...

It is years since I've been to Fowey but one of my favourite places!

RachelA said...

I'm intrigued why you call these cabbage trees. I thought they were yuccas everywhere, they are here in Spain anyway. Fowey hasn't changed since I went there in the 1970's!!


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