Saturday, January 26, 2013

it's australia day

It might well be Australia Day but a girl still has to eat - someone is waiting patiently for Ian to produce some breakfast.

 And the rest of the day? Well the bathroom mat is a wonderful place to spend our time. it is amazing where we find her. No way of standing on the bath mat after your shower - this cat hates water. Imagine if you dripped on her?
 Big news of the week is that Let's Play with Romeo arrived yesterday -I thought it was coming on Tuesday but our printers - Fineline Print - are wonderful.It's on the website and available and we are doing some special deals with it. Also, the folder in Outlook with the names of the people has vanished, so I am sorry to have to ask - if you had your name down for a copy, would you mind emailing me again?
I have now started work on my next booklet - new series - this lot will be The Artful Journey series and I hope the first one will be out in May.

 I have been doing some of my simple image transfer on different surfaces - a little bit of playing with regards to my class in Italy (see tab at top) - this is not TAP transfer - if you want really clear images, then TAP is the very best product for that (and of course you can buy it from us) but this is my cheap as one. The one at the top is a photo of the markets at Sulmona (one of the trips we do as part of the week) and i have transferred onto Lutradur - I haven't played with Lutradur for a wee while - it is rather transparent.

 This one is a transfer of a photo from Sulmona onto Evolon - I love working with Evolon - it has such a lovely suede like feel to it

and the third one is a map of Sulmona I found on the web and transferred it to polycotton - think how super this will be for a background for various other things. And layering. I shall keep working away.

Ian has been busy adding things to the web but we also got the second Opulence set up today - Marvellous Metallics - I do love these paints.

If you follow facebook, we have a superb Australia Day weekend special going.

Thanks for all the comments about blogging. I have had heaps of emails with your comments and I do intend to carry on as always.

Back to watching the women's tennis final. 


Heather said...

I hope he made you some breakfast too!
Love the image transfers - they have so much potential.
Don't work too hard this weekend - time off for good behaviour!

Julie said...

I hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend. You are spurring me on to get the Evolon and Lutradur out and get printing. I've had them and TAP for ages and not used them. Somehow I missed your previous post about blogging. I have struggled from time to time to maintain the impetus to blog but I use mine in a similar way to yours as a diary and a memory prompt. The biggest part of blogging I think is probably the sense of community and building of friendships.

Robin Mac said...

I hope you had a nice relaxing Australia Day. The tennis final was pretty good in the end - I usually avoid watching Azarenka as I hate the screaming!
I am about to go and play with lutradur, haven't worked with that much, but I agree with you, I love evalon. Cheers from hot and steamy, but sunny, Mackay


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