Tuesday, November 20, 2012

it is Tuesday fast as

 Martien delivered loads of hand dyed silk fibres on Sunday to keep me out of mischief - I have been packaging like crazy - it is our Fibres Day on Saturday, remember. These are the wonderful soft cocoons - always very popular but she also delivered loads of hard cocoons - these look wonderful - and silk caps and silk hankies and lots more. it is looking a bit busy in our kitchen and the chief assistant has gone to our wardrobe to sulk.

 Saturday was the Beaufort Street Festival -apparently there were around 100,000 people and I can believe it. We were getting ready for a bbq here but needed to get salad stuff etc and there was no way we were driving anywhere as we would have lost our car park so we bravely made our way up to the shops and back again. I think it was very successful - loads of activities and of course loads of food stalls.

 Here is another shot of people

 I am finally doing some stitch after making numerous other things - this is the front page of a new little book. I do love using the sari ribbon for texture and stuff.

And here is a new excitement - I have only got a few so far and I am hoping the shipment will arrive soon. Couldn't resist these colours - they look a bit Kimberly Dreaming to me so I am hoping to get using them very soon.

Don't forget that it is Fibres Month - wonderful response so far.


Heather said...

Gorgeous fibres and I love your little stitched piece with all it's beautiful textures. I've never worked in that way with sari ribbon and might have to try it.
The street festival looks and sounds great fun - glad you made it through the crowds to get your shopping.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

How brave were you tackling the Beaufort St. crowds, glad you survived, beautiful silk fibres the colour is almost vibrating, and the'bit like Kimberly Dreaming' colours are to die for. Love the new book front page, you have been busy apart from packing stock.


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