Thursday, November 15, 2012


 Bit of de Colourant play on hand dyed cotton from - not able to see so easily but there is purple in this fabric when the de Colourant bleaches back.

 a second piece using de colourant plus - red and yellow. This takes the colour out and puts the new colour in. People do ask why not just paint the fabric. I asked that myself originally but it becomes part of the fabric once washed and does not sit on the top.

 I have been playing with my Le Scrunch for texture using Tissutex which I have coloured with the Sun Dye Fabric paints - I really like these and have decanted them into spray bottles - I think everyone knows I love sprays. i wanted to show how much it scrunched. Underneath is the size of the piece before I stitched and then hovered y hot iron over the top. Wonderful texture.

Here I used calico as a base - if you have seen us at shows you will know that we have always used calico tablecloths in Australia and I thought it time to start using them up. I have sprayed with the Sun Dye fabric paints in Currawong, Slate and Tanbark using a stencil - Seafoam because I couldn't find my Pebbles but this one is very good too.

Then I stitched it and ironed black gossamer fuse over the top and rubbed some gilding wax onto it - it is bonded to felt by the way.

This is another one I did when I was playing - I have used Clay as well as the other three colours.

Last night we went to the ACO - another wonderful concert - and the last one for the year. Gee they are fabulous musicians. Wouldn't really matter what they played.

This morning we had a big delivery of new sari ribbon - these are off-white - some are white and some are cream as well. Really wonderful. I did a quick special on facebook which went fast so I thought I would be honorable and do one here on my blog. So -the cost per 100 gram hank of 50 metres is $11 and  I am offering any 2 for the price of 1 plus postage to  the first 5 people to email me
the colour is wonderful and I have wound out a ball for myself - just have to iron it and maybe weave it and stitch. Who knows?  It will take colour of course. You can, of course, order multiples - most of the 5 this morning on facebook did.  Update - all claimed - thanks folks. Hope you enjoy them

Our calender is full - we are off to another concert tonight - Musica Viva. 


Heather said...

Wonderful products and even more wonderful samples. Your playtime is always so productive. Enjoy your music.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love what your working on, the de colourant, on Lisa's fabric, also intriqued withe the Le Scrunch, also the spray of sun paints and stencils on the calico it came out really well.


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