Thursday, November 08, 2012

slight mix-up morning

 This morning I was under the impression that this was the morning to go do a 2 hour demo for a group - yesterday I got everything ready, up early, packed the car, did a number of important jobs then off I went. When I got there, a small group of ladies were rather perplexed at my presence. They were a hand stitching group and had set up a couple of tables and chairs for their day and a nice table full of morning tea and certainly were not expecting me. Back home I went (fortunately not too far away), checked all the emails I had had which clearly said Thursday 8th  and rang the person organising it and lo and behold it is Friday 9th. Empty out the car and carry on with tasks at hand. Tomorrow - off I go again. When I do a demo I always take stacks of samples because I can't bear people not tosSee what I have been exploring so it is always good value. I have been preparing stuff using the gelli pates - de colourant - Tissutex - evolon - and all that sort of stuff. At least I won't have to do other than pack the car in the morning.

The picture above - last night we went to the opening of K2Cloud - an installation involving knitting and crochet using paper and plastic. People were adding extras and colour. It's really nice to see what is happening in the creative areas. We get bogged down with what we are doing. After that we went to visit Kim and Anthony at Wot the Po for a lovely meal.

Kaz and Bruce have gone to Broome for a holiday and gone to the Bali Hai where we go - sure they will have a lovely time.

 Still busy with exciting parcels and making Ian work hard on the website adding things. This is the electric hand needlefelting machine. Someone asked why I needed it - would my big Babylock be abandoned? no - this is a little extra - take away with you  - on holiday - travel and much easier and more gentle than hand needlefelting. You need the foam and you simply work over it. You can see my Provence fibres being worked. I am really pleased with it and we are giving away 100gram bag of assorted Maori carded wool with every sale. That wool I am using is the said Maori carded wool.

The latest Studios arrived this week as well - I have sent out all the subs and there are a couple still left over. it is always a very popular magazine - full of storage etc ideas. I guess we can always dream!

Let's see how I get on tomorrow......


Heather said...

How frustrating for you - hope the (dis)organiser was profuse with her apologies. Enjoy your day tomorrow - I'm sure your ladies will have a great time.
Love the image on this post - the event sounds very interesting.
I like the look of that needlefelting gadget but don't make enough use of my embellisher to justify getting one.

Gina said...

This did make me laugh Dale because I have managed to mix up the same two days but the other way around. I was convinced I was teaching a class on Friday 9th but fortunately an e-mail late last night got me checking my diary to find it was actually today Thursday8th that I was teaching. Luckily I found out in time!


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