Tuesday, September 25, 2012

this and that on Tuesday

 This is a very colourful post I am seeing. All the boxes of stuff went off to Adelaide yesterday and our kitchen and dining room look absolutely pristine. Harley fixed that by pulling out balls and balls of Valdani perle cotton and after a quick roll she got another - I am finding them all over the place.
I have been creating spray displays for the walls - there are 28 different sets of sprays and I have finally finished spraying flowers, tags and water colour paper and then gluing everything on. I think they should look good on the wall but they are delicate and I am carrying them all as hand luggage which will probably have to sit on my lap to avoid being crushed. Don't forget our wonderful spray promotion ends tomorrow night - we have had lots of sets of sprays going off to new homes.

 I have also put together the third let's play needlefelting kit - this one is Kimberley Dreaming. They take me ages but do look good waiting to be photographed. The 4th one will be I Must Wear Purple but I have to create my piece first. Maybe in Adelaide I will stitch it if i have time to create the backgroung tomorrow.

QA 59 arrived this afternoon so I worked like a trooper and got them all out to their new owners.

I was at one of my suppliers today and bought a lovely mixed media journal - it has a fabulous paper surface and will take all sorts of media. I might even get some in for sale. I have not worked with a large long book like this before and am going to take it on holiday with me. I am trying to print out maps onto Tissutex which has been soaked in Bubblejetset but to do so I am going to have to bring my laptop and printer into the house because I can't get the internet up in the studio and I can't save the maps to put on a stick. Tomorrow.... first thing.....

I am glad you had a laugh at my dramatic wool gathering - we call them tops in Aus but you could say they were certainly roving - well more like racing and flying! And no to all the people who have asked - there does not seem to be a video on you tube so bad luck. I did have a near disaster one other time when I was carrying a very large box of Valdani perle down to the warehouse and with my brain somewhere else I managed to trip over and the box contents went everywhere. Fortunately it was very early about 6.30am and no-one was around and it was not windy. I did have to gather them all though!

Last night we went to a Musica Viva concert and while the musicians were brilliant, the programme they played was sophorific and lots of people went to sleep. Shame really.


Heather said...

Those spray samples look gorgeous massed together and the kits are very interesting. Looking forward to the latest QA though I shall have to be patient and wait for it to reach the UK.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Blasted with colour, they are all so beautiful, including the needle felting kit nearly enough to make me take up needle felting, I Must Wear Purple may just tip me over the brink. Like the idea of a long mixed media journal. So looking forward to arrival of new QA.

Robin Mac said...

All that colour is magnificent. I must admit I am still laughing at the thought of you chasing the tops all over the road! I hope you have a very successful weekend in Adelaide. Cheers


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