Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Sunday - AGAIN

 It has been another of those weeks. Got all the boxes off to London on Tuesday which is early but helps Ian to sleep at night if he knows they are safely there. Plus we had a drama last year afterwards because the girl here didn't tick on of the boxes and the UK customs were a wee bit of a nuisance. So fingers crossed that everything is correct this time round.

I have been working on my new Let's Play for the Embellisher kits - this one is stonehaven which I made a while back but I have had a lot of fun gathering everything. Just having drama with the printer not wanting to print colour properly and over-exposing everything.

 This is a close-up of mine.

 Here are the kits all ready to package and below the flower stitcher fossils I stitched up and burnt out before during the breaks and after the rugby yesterday.Two good games and then Ian and I went to the Lido for honey prawns because Ian felt like them and they served us honey chicken - just as well I alerted them and have to say they always look after us. Our favourite waiter said he would have got it right but new waitress.....

This is the second kit piece - Passion Has Red Lips and trust me - it really is red. We are having so much drama trying to get the red colour right. Everything is misbehaving. I have had a lot of fun stitching this piece - even took it to the hairdressers where they thought I was as mad as usual.

It is a beautiful day in Perth today - we should be outside but I am gathering and packing and sorting for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide. I hope if you are in Adelaide you will come see us at the convention centre - 28th Sep to 1st Oct. Our stuff goes on Friday but I try to sort things carefully because we haven't a lot of space for a stand.

I have also been packaging the new Flat Fabios - glorious sprays just colour no shimmer. So I have very dirty fingers from all the display boards I have been making.

If you are on facebook, I have a little questionaire for anyone who cares to leave an opinion for me.


Heather said...

I just love your Stonehaven piece and the red one is gorgeous too, though I'm a little scared of using red myself. Maybe it's down to all the greenery and grey skies in England!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale, Love your art pieces, Stonehaven beautiful, but the red one carries me away, have thing for red the last few months. honey Prawns sound yummy, even honey chicken too.

Peaceful Parallel said...

Beautiful pieces, red red one is fantastic! If they are available, where are they on the website please:) Bethx


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