Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off to Adelaide

This afternoon we are off to Adelaide for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival - if you are in Adelaide or coming - hope to see you - when you come in the door just turn left and you will find us tucked in at the end where the tutors lunch/rest room is. All of our boxes are there except for Box no 5 which hopefully will arrive tomorrow - no idea what is in Box No 5...... We haven't been to Adelaide for ages and ages and hear the restaurant scene is very good - well we have been given a list or two to check out.

I have soaked lots of Tissutex in Bubblejetset and have had to move the laptop and printer to the kitchen so I can print on it - can't get the internet in the studio - I can access 25 other networks but not my own. Crazy. I shall be all ready to work on this next week when we get back.

I haven't got very far with the 4th Let's Play kit I Must Wear Purple other than gathering all the materials - next week... but in the meantime I am also gathering materials for my holiday sitching - this is for after London - where do you think we are going this year?


Heather said...

Sounds as if you are up and running for Adelaide - the city looks beautiful. You'll have earned that holiday with London following on so closely.

Viv Estill said...



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