Thursday, September 20, 2012

going for the middle of the week this time

 I thought I would try for a blog write during the week this time. I think it is just because we are busily plodding away and nothing exciting is happening. We are trying to have bbqs when it is fine with no rain or wind. This is preparation while the fire settles down. We are having lovely spring time weather - warm but quite windy and raining from time to time which is wonderful as we sure need the rain. And my tomato plant is bigger than any other tomato plant I have ever grown - with lots of flowers. Very promising.

 Last night we went to Clarkes of North Beach - fabulous restaurant - this was Ian's decadent dessert. He was really feeling like celebrating as the boxes for Ally Pally are all safely settled in Kent waiting for us. All smooth so far.

 This is my decadent dessert - that citrus strip was divine. I love the tartiness of lemon or lime.

 Behind Ian is the cupboard where Harley's biscuits live - a very important aspect in her very existence.

Having lost out she is back where her plate - full of course- should be. Piles of my stuff I am getting ready for Adelaide behind her. She has learnt to jump over all of my stuff - just as well.

Our palette to Adelaide was supposed to go tomorrow but TNT have told us Monday is fine. Never sure if this is good or bad because one always just uses the time. We got the first 2 needlefelting kits up on the website and if you feel so inclined do check out the Moonglow section. Ian has been slogging away updating it and it looks good. In fact if you check it out tomorrow there will be a fantastic promotion for celebration.I have also popped up a new giveaway - check out the tag at the top.

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Heather said...

Those desserts look fantastic and I bet they were delicious. Glad everything has reached the UK safely.
I love your kitchen and have similar cupboards in ours. Trust Harley to find out where her food is kept.


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