Sunday, November 22, 2009

the things you do

Early morning drama on Saturday - no ABs vs England on Fox Sports. That meant a trip to the Irish Club so we pottered around until 9pm, went to Ecco in Subi for a late pizza and wandered rapidly to the Irish Club to find their Setanta dish was not working. Panic meant a drive to the Athena Club but it was chokka with a Greek wedding so off to Rosie O-Gradys which last time we tried this was hopeless with the crowds on a Saturday night. However. all was well as they had a bar at the side for we rugby fans and even though we missed the first 20 minutes it was a good game. Here's Jimmy Cowan about to score the only try.

Lovely morning - off for a walk and then back to the flower stitcher - I have almost finished all the samples for the flower stitcher booklet - I am enjoying exploring and using it. I shall be loading another holey moley pdf sometime today as well.


Ali Honey said...

A good result I guess. You missed the most boring part where the ABs didn't play so well.

It's a shame that the crowd mostly didn't stay for the womens' match straight afterwards.

Football ( soccer ) is now the flavour of the year with many NZ youngsters ,as you can imagine.

Heather said...

Well done the ABs but our ladies' team redeemed us by beating the Black Ferns, so we can hold our heads up again!

Gill G said...

Well if the male component of rugby can't win, it has to be the women!! What an awful game to wake up to at (as we were in Melbourne) Interesting City as you say Dale with lots of the old - makes Perth look very new, scrubbed, and well governed!! Enjoyed the GOR to Lorne. Must get into sewing again - I managed to buy some lovely material with which to make a nice Xmas dress - very simple pattern!! Gill G.


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