Thursday, November 19, 2009

some musing on Thursday

When we were in Melbourne we walked passed this glorious building in Queen Street, I think.
Constructed in 1890 for the safe keeping of valuables and securities in vaults in the basement, this building is a notable example of the Gothic Revival, the favoured style of the architect, William Pitt. The fa├žade includes moulded griffins and heraldic figures in delicate Gothic detailing, and has an overall form that was further elaborated in his design for the Stock Exchange around the corner the next year.

Melbourne has loads of wonderful buildings which I love to see - Perth managed to get rid of most of its.

We are having interesting weather - loads of rain - very heavy (not quite so good for the ceiling in our office as water rushed in and Ian had to climb on the roof to clear the leaves away having first gone around to Grant's to get his ladder back) Very windy too. Great fro the garden though and we don't mind at all because we feel it will be a long hot summer.

Last night we went to the Australian Chamber Orchestra - last one for the year and glorious as always. Richard Tognetti and his orchestra are fantastic. We have only managed to get to 2 concerts this year - tut tut - we forgot the first one and were away unfortunately for two others.

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Sue Krekorian said...

Oh my - those buidings remind me of Venice so much!


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