Thursday, November 12, 2009

sticky jam

well not really sticky jam but it is raining and very humid and sticky and Pearl Jam are performing at the Perth Oval on Saturday - the roadies have spent all week tap tap tapping as they set up for it and great big truck movers (I forget their real name) have been rocking up - 3 came thundering down the road when I was out this morning early. Great deal of trouble getting around the roundabout. Huge stands and stuff being erected -

BUT - we won't be here as we are flying off to Melbourne this afternoon for the Aust Quilt Market - trade show. Just hope it is not tooooo hot in Melbourne. We will be back on Sunday night and we have atreat on Saturday night but I will reveal that when we get back.

Amanda - a flimsie is what we call our hand dyed prefelts. They are made of fine merino wool - beautiful to work with and definitely flimsie.


Aussie Jo said...

Bring your flip flops, it's going to be mid 30's in Melbourne. Nice down here in Ocean Grove by the beach though.

Amanda Sheridan said...

Thanks Dale! Isn't it funny that we speak the same language but still have different names for things. That's the beauty and richness of the English language I guess.

Doreen G said...

So we miss each other in Melbourne again-we are going down on the 30th.
I think those guys who help set up the bands are called "roadies" but I could be wrong.

Heather said...

Heat is OK - it's the humidity that finishes me off. It's not cold here yet but oh so wet and we are warned of more heavy rain this weekend plus gales. Thank goodness I have lovely books to read and inspire me, and plenty of lovely art and craft stuff to play with. Also I've done the shopping for the coming week so needn't go out in it. Hope the trade show is great for you.

Gill G said...

Am off to Melbourne for long weekend next weekend - staying in City centre, any ideas on what to see and where to go?!?!

grizaham said...

I really wish I was in Australia right now! Too bad I'm 14 hours behind you guys! Have fun at the shows! I'll be eyeballin the set list at 0700!!! Or maybe a little later! ;}


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