Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Musings

It has been a busy week and to top it off the weather for Summer has arrived. Very hot and sticky. We have been flat out getting new stuff on the web (there is more to come) and parcels have been arriving and unpacking has been especially exciting. There are 3 new Iridescent and 3 new Professional Paintstiks for me to play with over the weekend - I am very busy creating charts with all the stiks so that I know exactly what the colours are like for blending etc.

Then I have been working away on the flower stitcher getting the next Let's Play booklet closer to fruition. This little piece above is waiting for some 3D flowers to be stitched on. Enlarge it - it is an excitement of colour - this thread is Indian Splendour.

Today we had big boxes of Flaked Metal Leaf delivered - all big flakes this time so Ian is planning to work like fury over the weekend and we will have them all on the web - I have been decanting and have colourful metallic flakes everywhere but fortunately mostly at our little warehouse. The boy from the next door unit was fascinated as always - I gave him a little jar of big gold flakes because he is getting married tomorrow. I am planning to play with them tomorrow - the flakes that is - for some samples for the web.

So the week has raced on and we are about to stop for the night. I also had another new toy delivered this week but will post a pic tomorrow. All very exciting and of course the Holey Moleys have started their 3rd lesson - I hope they all have their shoe collection out and turned over.

Off to cook my chicken curry.


Doreen G said...

Now that's what I call beautiful-and the colours mmmmm.

*jean* said...

beautiful! i am new to your blog, what do you do with the metal flakes? will you show on your blog???? i'll be back to check!!

Thimble Fingers said...

What a riot of colour .... gorgeous!!

Ev said...

Love this piece Dale - it is like a fireworks display.

As you will see I found your blog in the site so passed the info on to my friend on Bali (no need to email me back esp since you aren't at home). Hope your weekend is fun


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