Friday, August 26, 2016

Sydney weekend for a break from work

 Last weekend we went to Sydney for a weekend's break. It just happened that the rugby was on as well. We checked out the Archibald paintings at the art gallery and watched the lorikeets having a great feast on tables outside. Obviously people tip out sugar for them.

 I visited Tessuti Fabrics and bought a couple of patterns and Italian linen for my wedding frock for November. I haven't sewn for myself in 20 years but I do have September to get it right.

 On Saturday we had a lovely day out on the Sydney Harbour. Grant's friend Andrew has a boat and we hopped on at Lane Cove and collected the NZ contingent in Darling Harbour.

 Then we spent the day exploring the inlet of the harbour. Beautiful weather and my geography of Sydney improved. Not sure about the NZ boys swimming though. They did look a little blue around the gills but then if you live in Otago you probably wouldn't even notice!

 Of course the highlight of the weekend and the main reason for going was the Bledisloe Cup game All Blacks vs Wallabies. We had very good seats dead centre but they were very  high up - just as well I know the players from theri shapes and movements.

Started with the haka and got better  - actually it was a blackwash - 42 - 8

 On Sunday we checked out Grant working on his Moth at the Woolhara Sailing Club - glorious day

And same spot - lots of people out and about and we followed it with lunch at 18ft Skiff Club with a cousin and his wife. Then on Monday we came home again......


Heather said...

What a super weekend - Sydney looks beautiful. We have only shared tables with sparrows or starlings over here - nothing as pretty as a lorikeet.
Glad 'your' team did so well, but they usually do!

Robin Mac said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend in Sydney and weren't you lucky with the weather!
A wedding is a great incentive to take up sewing clothing again! Cheers


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