Friday, August 12, 2016

en route to Toronto

 In May we went to Toronto where I was teaching at the Canadian Embroidery conference. It's a long way from Perth so we flew via Auckland (spent the day relaxing in the Koru Club where they actually had chaise type lounges for those of us who arrive at 5.30am can have a wee nap). We stayed one night in San Fransisco to make the flight less painful not far from the airport. We spent our day at Burlinghame rather than rush around. Found a lovely shopping street on a lovely day weatherwise.

First stop trying to find coffee but did a decent walk up and down

Found the cigar shop with all these great boxes outside and after I took this photo someone came along and bought most of them

 Had some lunch to go with our coffee

 and later on we found a tea shop full of amazing types of tea

at the end of our day back at the top waiting for the bus.

 We were staying at the Westin and walked along the bay both nights first to a Mexican restaurant and the second night to a Thai restaurant which served Mexican food. Figure that out. But for Ian it was aeroplane heaven as we could see across to the airport and watch the flight path - planes coming in at the rate of knots and loads lining up to go out. I love the colours my phone managed to capture.

So a relaxing time good for the weary travellers - the hotel was good too.

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Heather said...

What an interesting stop off. Lovely weather too. Hope the journey wasn't too exhausting.


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