Monday, May 02, 2016

April means Broometime

 April for about 10 years has been Broometime for us - a little r and r. It should be the end of the wet season heading into slightly cooler less humid times. Of course nature does not always run that way and one year it rained a lot - another it was too cold for Ian to swim can you believe? You just have to watch his antics when it is time to get in the water. Anyway off we went and her we are coming in to land soon.

 Always love the colours and I never believed them before we went there.

 Landing and always red dirt to greet you

You cannot beat the colours

Frangipanis to greet us - they were beautiful this year and so many of htem everywhere

The Bali Hai Cafe was operating whihc for us is a first - the food was fabulous and we enjoyed chatting to the chef - he did look very hot and bothered as the weather was very warm. I had yummy coffin Bay oysters and Ian something else becasue he does not like oysters luckily for me.
It was too hot to cook this time so we ate out all 4 night - at Little India - always good - at Diver's Tavern where the food was also good and at the little deli on the corner where we had great fish and chips.

We spent our time swimming and reading and had the pool to ourselves just about all the time. We knew it was time to leave when the school holidays began though.

Indulgence of painted toe nails - I have to justify the lovely nail polish i bought in New York - Good Girl Bad Girl it is called.

And I did do some stitching which I am still rushing to finish. Then the wee break was over and it was back to work.


Heather said...

A fabulous place for a break - it looks like Paradise. Love the nail varnish and the stitching - gorgeous colours.
Back to the grindstone!

Chyfey said...



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