Friday, May 13, 2016

off on another adventure

Earlier this week we went to the ACO (Australian Chamber Orchestra) It doesn't actually matter what they play they are always fabulous. This was Beethoven Mozart and Bach. We thoroughly enjoyed it of course.

Tonight we are off on our next adventure - to Auckland - San Francisco - Toronto - that's a lot of mileage. I am luck to be teaching at the Inspiring Threads Seminar next week and be the guest speaker and we are trading at the special trading night on the Thursday. So I have packed the magic suitcase and now to pack my own suitcase. Some how we are quite organised and I have also managed to cut and roll silk laps today (oh so beautiful and I am busting to get back as I want to start stitching on them.) and even weed some of the garden.

Yesterday was somewhat traumatic. Our beautiful tree poisoned by evil nasty person was pruned thanks to the wonderful City of Vincent and I keep being assured that this is the best chance. The bottom left branch is very healthy full of branches and leaves and apparently there is good sap and we shall see what happens in the spring. About 30 years to grow, 1 evil person to almost kill.

I have done my prep for the trip - on a base of cocoon strippings so shall get some stitching done. We have a long day tomorrow in Auckland but crazily get to San Fran midday Saturday. Get it all back when we return. Onto Toronto on Monday.

Not sure if I can blog - my blog upload won't let me add photos - this has happened before but I will try. Or maybe be some long ones when we return on 6th June.


Heather said...

Best wishes to your tree for a good recovery and enjoy your trip. It sounds wonderful, if a little exhausting.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time Dale. I do so hope the tree recovers to its former glory. I still can't believe someone would do that......incredible.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

oh I wish I had come across your blog when I was living in Perth!


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