Thursday, April 28, 2016

Texture Texture and the end of March

 When I got back to Wellington on my trip - I took my magic suitcase and opened it for a couple of groups who loved the special goodies inside - I visited my elderly 3rd cousin - someone who actually knew my grannie and was able to tell me a few more tiny titbits. Then I went round the bays - I love seeing the wild sea and went for a walk and a potter. I found these wonderful rocks and have posted them to inspire me. They remind me of some of the work I did a few years ago on stones and old churches etc.

 Love the colours - that little touch of blue is rather special. I also love the patterns and couldhave taken heaps of pics.

 And this one - if you look in at all the patterning,

 And this one - texture is brilliant.

 When I got home our Christmas present from Grant and Hannah was nearly underway - lots of cleaning and clearing and deciding where it would go and filling half up with bricks as we seem to have a lot lying around. this was day one of planting. Love the chillie plants and we have a few.

This is it a few weeks later - things are taking over. I think that at last I might get tomatoes to grow after years of failing. Let's see.

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Heather said...

Those rocks are so beautiful and the planter is looking very good - full of flavour!


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