Sunday, November 11, 2012

bit of this and that

Friday night we went to the opening of the Designing Women exhibition - Dimensions. All good stuff. I only took one photo - of Juliet Hargeaves " Council meeting on Mt. Henry Jetty"
then on the way back we went to Spaghi Italian Restaurant which is now in Melville
-  we haven't been there since they moved from South Perth - and we were treated like old friends - we had a lovely meal and must go again - it just seems too far to whip down the freeway. 

Then we were wandering back down Beaufort Street last night and Alan - who crops up in lots of different restaurants and whom we haven't seen for ages - rushed out of Raah to say hello. It's amazing the people who know us out and about. I guess we have been here long enough. Long enough for the prostitutes who were rife about 15  years ago - to be back in full force. And of course we have our very own treasure living in the flats behind us. 

We have been enjoying watching the Fast Fives Netball - it has come a long way from when I was young - not that I played netball - I was a hockey whizz instead. Much more scope with a long stick.
We also watched the Wallabies be beaten thoroughly by the french in the rugby and tonight will see how the All Blacks go against Scotland.

I think my demo went well on Friday - always far too much information and therefore I miss things. But there was more than plenty. When I have put everything away I will post some pics. I have been playing instead with the Magical micas mainly because I discovered we didn't have all the sets on the website and I was counting stock for re-ordering. They really are fabulous - just need a water brush and pick up a tiny amount of powder (which comes with a fixative etc) and the colour and iridescence is wonderful. Have a look here if you are interested because as well as updating all the sets bar one which is on its way, we have loaded a video of Linda Baldock's wonderful blooms which I found and that got me pulling them out for a play.

Don't forget it is  Fibres Month 
There has been a fabulous response to most stuff - we change it every day or so when we have a moment. 

Right now I am off to prepapre for our bbq but I have been winding 35 new colours in Stuff whilst watching the netball and rugby.


Steve Finnell said...

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Heather said...

Love the photo - what medium are the pelicans in? If it's textiles, and I'm guessing it might be, it's a stunning piece of work.
It's nice when you have lived somewhere long enough to be greeted like friends.

Robin Mac said...

What interesting times you have, but how lovely to have resterateurs (can't spell it) rush out to greet you! Cheers.


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