Tuesday, September 29, 2009

making a holiday last a little longer

The weather changed again - it must be that time of the year. Here is the last of our Wellington trip - amazing how time flies when you get back home. We didn't get to the exhibition opening as we were still up in the Cuba Street Mall having coffee at 5.30pm but we did call into Galleryspace to catch up with Michelle and her lovely silk threads and got to see things then. Ian was rather taken with this chair - much better than its real use he thought or maybe he was resting his weary bones! Enlarge the pic and you can see what it is he is sitting in. Rather clever.

One thing we thought pretty exciting at the airport is that one is now responsible for oneself - you check your own luggage in and no need to check in at a counter and if you cheat and your luggage is too heavy, then it simply doesn't go. Because we were checking in international we still went through the normal check-in but we loved this and spent some time working it all oout and watching other people in action.

Mt Ruapehu and Tongararo on the way to Auckland looking a little like apparitions in this photo. When we flew from Auckland back to Perth we flew much further south than ever before - over Hobart - this was becasue of the strong winds - probably the ones which sent all that red dust to the eastern states.

to answer a few questions - yes my Let's Play booklets will be available worldwide - from us and also from lovely businesses who wish to buy them wholesale and spread the good oil. The first one has gone to the printers - I was rather ambitious in imagining that the second one would be ready but it isn't far off - I have been doing all sorts of exciting things with the Moonglow Sprays and just loving them more and more. I like things to be simple. I won't show any yet though - keep you in suspense. I have also started work on three others but keeping the topics a secret until I am closer to finishing them.

Where are we going after London this year? Well - it should really be somewhere new but then Ian just loved that train ride - so we are off to Paris again - staying in Le Marais this time so we know we will get to do all sorts of things we didn't get to do last year. The London boxes all went today - it's so hard trying to decide what to take and not taking too much. I had to make a decision on the number of sprays I could take - I will have all three different ones - so I hope they are well received.

Tomorrow I am working exclusively on Lines and I also have 4 more little pieces to make for my pommie bags. And of course the newsletter. Doesn't time just fly?


Sue Krekorian said...

I believe Ian's "chair" - in both incarnations - is just what I need for Ally Pally!

Heather said...

I like Ian's chair - I must remember that when I've overdone it in the garden! It sounds as though we've lots of stuff to look forward to, so I'll be back to see what transpires.

Pat said...

So looking forward to seeing what's in the boxes.

Digitalgran said...

I was just wondering if Ian was bringing his chair to Ally Pally? I'm hoping to make it there. Will you save me a leaflet please?

Anonymous said...

that's a good look, dad.

Judy said...


Lovely chair, I've seen my children do that with their minature wheelbarow in another life. I am full of envy for Ian's hat. Fancy flying over Hobart, we have just had devatasting winds in NW Tassie last Saturday, no power two days some people no power till next week. Hope you enjoy Ally Pally and especially Paris who would worry about going to Paris again I couldn't think of anything nicer.


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