Saturday, September 26, 2009

a beautiful sunday in wellington

I know it has been dreadful since we flew out but last Sunday was the most glorious day - it can't have just been because the All Blacks won surely... Ian was enjoying reading about it in the Dominion Post - Corey Jane's fabulous try.

We spent the morning roaming around areas we hadn't been to for ages and had breakfast at Sweet Mother's Kitchen in Courtney Place - extremely 70s but the food was excellent and it was very busy. Then we went to the farmers markets on the wharf in the car park by Te Papa - pity we couldn't buy anything much other than a couple of these oranges.

We also popped into the hotel museum on wheels to have a look at the art and the toilets - I was going to take a pic but got interrupted. I sent Ian into the men's to check it had the same set up. Very decadent.

Then we went over the Haywards and down into Paekakariki on the old road. It is a long time since I have done that and a new experience for Ian. the weather being glorious meant we had super views of the South Island and the sea was a mill pond.

Then we went to visit some old friends in Waikanae and back to Ken and Raylene's in Pukerua Bay.

In Perth today it is also glorious.
Don't forget if you are going to Geelong Forum (watch out for the victorious footy fans though), to go and see Rae and Jacinta - they don't trade in the traders hall but in their own space - you will find them!


Aussie Jo said...

Great pictures and travelling from Wellington, I must tell my cousin to check them out, he has just moved to Geelong after spending most of his life in Wellington.
I will go and see Rae and Jacinta and tell them you sent me!

Helen said...

what a shame you're not still here for the wearable arts!! There are great great pics at I'll post a link on my blog tomorrow.

Heather said...

Lovely photos Dale - Ian looks a happy man! I envy you those sunny skies. We are enjoying lovely autumn days but it is definitely cooler and sleeves are required now, not to mention two layers some days. Never mind, maybe next year we'll get a summer!

Judy said...


Thanks for sharing your New Zealand pics, I regret not ever having visited there.


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