Tuesday, September 22, 2009

back home again

We had a fabulous long weekend and I have the feeling that the weather was better in Wellington than in Perth. Here are a few pics of day 1. We arrived in Auckland well before 6am but it is much better to fly over night with Air New Zealand rather than Qantas because Q don't fly direct. Then you walk from International to Domestic - here is the car park on the way. It's good to have this walk after sitting on a plane for so many hours.

After our little catchup nap, Ken and Raylene collected us and we spent a few hours and luch down on the Wellington wharf. It sure has come a long way from when we were lviing in Wellington. You can see it was a beautiful day.

A great statue by the water. I forget who did it now.

Then we went for a drive up to the top of Mount Victoria. This is looking back towards the airport. We had a great flight into Wellington as we could see the Sounds so very clearly.
So as you can see, our little long weekend started well. We went over on Wed night mainly because the airfare mysteriously doubled on Thursday.


Heather said...

Oh those lovely blue skies - I hate to say it, but we could do with a bit of rain. Glad you enjoyed your weekend - that statue is great, and so are the views.

Judy said...


Glad you both had a great trip.


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