Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ancient walls

I have been experimenting with layers - this is all on the embellisher - I have been exploring the arches and walls in my Stones of Venice book and wanting to use the new inks I got. I painted Tissutex with dragon's breath ink and gall iron ink and sprayed walnut ink and moonshadow mist on the surface and bonded it to felt and layered it with fibres and stuff. Ironed Gossamer fuse on the top and applied more ink. Zapped with the heat gun and copper Treasure Gold rubbed over in places. There's a chiffon scarf in there as well. I am quite pleased with the effects. I still haven't had any reaction from the acrylic wax over a pva base yet, Lynda, but I didn't want to use it here.


Penny said...

Looks incredible Dale, are you going to stock those inks? Love the names.
Off to Horsham on Sunday, got home yesterday and my goodies were there.

Doreen G said...

Wow Dale you hit the jackpot with this one.

Barbara said...

wonderful work ! It inspirats me!!
Greetings Barbara

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

My friend and I have have a little get together each Wednesday morning and we try to do a new technique of some sort each week. I think "Ancient Walls" might be our next project. Those inks sound so exotic I do hope that you will be stocking them.

Cheers Helen


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